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Nuevas prácticas de Informática, Ingeniería, Turismo, Negocios, Gestión y Marketing (08/09/2011)

Travelingua acaba de recibir las ofertas de prácticas más recientes en Informática, Ingeniería, Viajes y Turismo, Negocios y Marketing y Gestión. Puedes descargar los descriptivos en detalle para estas ofertas pinchando aquí. Para presentar tu candidatura envíanos cuanto antes tu CV en inglés (siguiendo las indicaciones del Resumé Checklist) y tu formulario Cover Sheet relleno a

Computer Technology Positions

InSegment, Needham, MA 

A multi-layer digital marketing firm looking for 3 creative and talented Web Designers and Developers for 12-18 months.

2 Web Developers:  You will be building everything from websites to databases to software to iPhone aps.   $1,000/month

1 Web Designer:  Learn to implement design ideas into practical solutions for clients  $1000/month

Media Genesis, Troy Michigan WWW.MEDIAG.COM 

Leading internet services firm near Detroit that services over 300 companies and nonprofit organizations.

2 Programmers for 18 month opportunities.  If you have experience in engineering, information systems, networks and programming this is a great opportunity.  $550-$1,000 month.  See posting for details. Ft. Lauderdale, FL 


12 Month Web Development Interns for On-Line wire management and cable related product retailer (2 positions)

1)      Shopping Cart It Intern:  Improve the ASPDotNet Storefront shopping cart for company website

2)      Supply Chain Intern: Optimize and Automate the Supply Chain:  Automate different processes in the customer service rep, marketing or warehouse department in order to save the users time and the company money.  

Note:  Prior to consideration, candidates are required to take an on-line cognitive test available in English, Spanish or French.  Both positions offer $1,000/month

Thousand Eyes, San Francisco, CA  

Based in San Francisco, Thousand Eyes has an internationally diverse team of highly motivated technologists who want to make a difference.  If you want to work in an ego-free environment, be part of a team that prefers to think outside the box and work on real life complex problems then this is a cool opportunity for you!  Bring your extensive LINUX experience to work for Thousand Eyes, a start-up backed by the National Science Foundation.  Proficiency in Java/JSP/CSS/HTML is required as is MySQL.

$3,000-$5000/month-commensurate w/ experience

Electriduct, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

12-18 month Information Technology Intern for a company that designs, manufactures and distributes all types of wire management products. Main areas associated with this training are: web programming (html), programming (SQL and Access), search engine optimization.
Company is willing to work with participant to develop a program including these tasks, while working with the participant’s strengths and goals.  An on-line cognitive test is part of the hiring assessment process.  $1,000-$2,000/month


Engineering Positions

International Electronic Machines Corp   Troy, NY

12-18 month Systems Engineer Internship for an electronics firm specializing in the development, manufacture and marketing of instrumentation and imaging systems. Engage in hands-on embedded design and implementation doing embedded programming, and system integration of machine vision and sensor systems using single board computers and discrete hardware components. Projects include new product design and on board software programming for wireless sensors, system design and component specifications.  $480/week

Ingmar Medical   Pittsburgh, PA   Re-opened

(2) 6-12 Month Medical R & D Intern for the global leader in the design, manufacture, and sales of respiratory simulators and test lungs.  Design respiratory simulator and test lung components and improvements.  Learn key functions and operations of R&D process including project management and planning skills; specific technical skills and knowledge relating to the project, as well as problem solving skills.  $400/week + (see posting for details)

PLEASE NOTE:  Cover Letter, Transcripts and 3 Recommendations required for this position.  Applications due no later than September 15th!

Travel and Tourism

Holiday Systems International, Las Vegas, NV   WWW.HSIHIRES.COM   UPDATEFrench, German and Italian skills now needed!

12 month Business Management Internship for an exclusive members-only service that provides un-matched travel benefits to our members.  This position requires that you be fluent in French, Italian and/or German  You will learn major aspects of the travel business by rotating though several departments within the organization including Customer Service, Customer Care, Product Knowledge, Database/Computer Software training, Communications and Sales & Marketing.  $2,000/month

Villazzo, Inc. Miami Beach, FL       RE-OPENED for start date in October at the latest.

Villazzo is a luxury Villa Rental/Hotel Business and is looking for 2 qualified candidates for 12 month internships

Hotel Sales Intern:  Assist Sales team in building and maintain Villazzo client base;

Build Brand Awareness for Villazzo in the high-end villa hotels and villa management markets.

Operations Intern: Assist Director of Operations in delivering a VillaHotel experience comparable to the best 5-star hotels worldwide.

It is important to note that at $750/month the salary is not enough to support yourself while in the United States.  Interns will be required to bring sufficient funds to not only supplement the low income but also enough to purchase a car.

Smart Apartments, New York City   Re-opened

Do you like to be active?  Ride a bike?  Speak Spanish and/or French?  Currently there 2 opportunities  to be a Concierge/Property Manger for a company that represents holiday rental apartments located in all areas & neighborhoods of NYC – Park Avenue, Madison Avenue, Clinton Street, East Village, West Village, Times Square, and so much more.  As a greeter/concierge, you will learn to be the face of the company because you are the first person from our company that clients come in contact with.  Your main objective is to ensure that your high-end guests are comfortable in their apartment.  $450/week + (see posting for details)

Euroquest LLC, Hoboken, New Jersey  NEW!!

Combine your knowledge of business and your passion for travel, especially in Ireland.   One year internship where you will gain hands-one experience in the field of travel and tourism.  Research, develop and quote custom travel packages based on customer’s requirements.  Stipend only:  $400/monthly

General Business and Management Positions 

Marketing and PR 

Colangelo and Partners Public Relations , New York City

Are you a fan of food and wine, of many things Italian?  Then this 3-6 month position could be for you! Colangelo is a boutique media relations firm that specializes in branding and marketing for food, wine and spirits and are looking for an intern that speaks Italian and/or Japanese to join them to learn  the daily  tasks associated with and entry-level position at a Media and PR firm.  2 positions available w/ a stipend of $175/week.

Human Resources

CESNA Group, New Jersey  NEW!!

Interested in Recruiting?  Looking for a position near New York City?  CESNA Group is an international recruiting firm and has an internship available for 12-18 months.  If you have any background or experience in employment law they you could be the right candidate for them!  One position available at about $320/week.

NON-Profit Arts Management

La Mama  NYC  

1 Position: Development Assistant.

Wonderful opportunity to work in New York City in a world renowned cultural institution.  Have free tickets to all their events.  Interview artists and performers and be involved in their 50th Anniversary preparation and celebration. Stipend only:  $400/month

American Opera Projects, NYC  

 3-12 month Non-Profit Arts Management internship.  Develop knowledge and skills of arts administration, especially with regards to the American non-profit sector. American Opera Projects is a driving force behind the revitalization of contemporary opera and musical theater in the United States.

Stipend only:  $300/month

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