Ya puedes ver las últimas ofertas de prácticas en Informática, Ingeniería, Viajes y Turismo, Negocios y Getión Artística. En estos momentos con puestos en California, Nueva York, Florida, Nueva Jersey, Massachusetts, Nevada, Michigan, Georgia y Ohio. Presentar tu candidatura es muy sencillo, sólo tienes que mandar cuanto antes a info@travelingua.es tu CV en inglés (siguiendo las indicaciones del Resumé Checklist) y el formulario Cover Sheet relleno. Puedes descargar los descriptivos en detalle para estas ofertas en el siguiente enlace: Prácticas en Informática, Ingeniería, Turismo, Negocios y Gestión Artística


 Accessory Power  West Lake, CA  www.accessorypower.com  

Software Developer                           18 months       $360/week.

The Sherwin-Williams  Company  Cleveland, Ohio  www.sherwin.com  

Global ERP Analyst Professional Apprentice™           12 months     $12.50/hr commensurate with experience.   2 positions available

POS Quality Assurance  Professional Apprentice™    12 months     $14.00/hr commensurate with experience  NEW!!!

InSegment, Needham, MA   www.insegment.com 

2 Web Developers:                             12-18 months             $1,000/month

2 Web Designers:                                12-18 months              $1,000/month

Media Genesis, Troy Michigan WWW.MEDIAG.COM 

2 Programmers                                   18 months                   $550-$1,000 month plus housing


Cable Organizer   www.cableorganizer.com

Supply Chain Web Developer                     12 Months                          $1000/month 

Note:  Prior to consideration, candidates are required to take an on-line cognitive test available in English, Spanish or French. 

Thousand Eyes, San Francisco, CA   www.thousandeyes.com  

Front End Software Engineer              12 months                   $3,000-$5000/month-commensurate w/ experience

Electriduct, Ft. Lauderdale, FL   www.electriduct.com

Information Technology Intern            12-18 months             $1,000-$2,000/month commensurate w/ experience     An on-line cognitive test is part of the hiring assessment process. 



International Electronic Machines Corp   Troy, NY  www.iem.net

Embedded Systems Engineer             12-18 months              $480/week



Holiday Systems International, Las Vegas, NV   WWW.HSIHIRES.COM   

 Business Manager                             12 months       $2,000/month             This position requires that you be fluent in French, Italian and/or German 


Villazzo, Inc. Miami Beach, FL   www.villazzo.com      

Hotel Sales Intern:                              12 months       $750/month   

Operations Intern:                              12 months.      $750/month

It is important to note that at the salary is not enough to support yourself while in the United States.  Interns will be required to bring sufficient funds to not only supplement the low income but also enough to purchase a car.

Smart Apartments, New York City   www.smartapartments.com   Re-opened

2 Concierge/Property Mangers:         12 months       $450/week + (see postings for details)                      Have to speak Spanish and French and be willing to ride a bike

1 Sales/Reservation Specialist:                   12 months           $450/week + (see postings for details)                      Must speak Spanish and French

1 Client Services Specialist:                          12 months           $30K +/year        NEW!!!                                                                 Must speak Spanish and French

Euroquest LLC, Hoboken, New Jersey  www.euroquest.com  Updated!

Sales and Quotation Agent                 12 months  Stipend only:  $400/monthly                              Must be familiar with European Travel


Ventas y Marketing


Prudential Douglas Elliman  www.elliman.com  NYC  NEW!!

Brokers Assistant                                18 months   This is a commission based position with the possibility to earn $35-57 K after the first month   It is required that you study for and take the test for Real Estate license upon arrival in US.


Peachtree Telecom  www.peachtreetelecom.com Atlanta, GA 

Marketing and Financial Assistant     6-18 months    $5.00 /hr.

Electriduct, Ft. Lauderdale, FL   www.electriduct.com           NEW!!

Marketing and Web Design Intern           12+ months        $1,000/month commensurate w/ experience

Gestión artística en empresas sin ánimo de lucro

La Mama  NYC  www.lamama.org  

Development Assistant                       6 months         Stipend only:  $400/month

American Opera Projects  www.operaprojects.org   NYC    

Arts Management Apprentice            3-12 month     Stipend only:  $300/month

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